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Jay Robert Inslee, born on February 9, 1951, is an American politician, environmentalist, author and lawyer who served as governor of Washington in 2013. He first ran for governor in 2010 and came fifth in the general election, which Democrat Gary Locke won. He was re-elected for a second term in 2012, defeating Democrat Chris Gregoire, a former U.S. senator from Washington, D.C., 54 percent to 46 percent. After announcing he would run for governor again after the 2012 election, the 44-year-old former attorney general and former state senator was re-elected in May 2013, this time by a slim majority.

The next day, Inslee announced his intention to seek a third term as governor in the 2020 election. He is scheduled to launch his campaign on March 1, 2019, and is the subject of an investigation by Washington State's campaign finance ethics commission.

In 1992, Inslee was elected to the 4th Congressional District, which is located in the center of Washington, the US House of Representatives. He was a member of the Democratic Party in 1993, 1995, 1999 and 2012, serving under then-President Bill Clinton. He served as a member of the United States House of Representatives for a total of 12 years from 1993 to 1995 and 1999 to 2012.

The left-hander, arguably the most famous player to come out of Longview, won 121 games in his professional career. The 6ft 3in defensive player was a star at Kelso in his high school days and had sprinter speed. He started defensive tackles but improved to play in the NFL in 1998. He was inducted into the Oregon Athletic Hall of Fame in 1994, and his number 22 is one of only six discarded jerseys.

He only added to his impressive legacy by kicking for six different clubs in MLB. He had a career total of 121 career starts for the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The center, which measures 1.80 meters (1.80 feet) in diameter, became the first team to opt for a fastbreak and beat Ohio State in a Midwest gym to win the trophy. Today, Bud Black is known as the World Series-winning coach of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He was pitching coach for the Angels for seven seasons, including 2002 with the Kansas City Royals, who won the World Series. Black was part of the starting rotation in the 2002 World Cup winning team and was also part of the starting rotation in 2003 and 2004.

Schmidt was the player of the year at Kelso in 1991, where he threw a 20-strike-out hit. The tough, wet-faced guard spent his formative years in Cowlitz County, attending the University of Washington, Washington State University and the US Naval Academy for two years before moving to Seattle.

After a year of professional basketball, Wintermute returned to Portland to play in the Pacific Coast Basketball League. So, during a visit to San Diego State, a note slipped through the door of the baseball head coach asking for an opportunity. When he disappeared, he was presumed dead until he returned to Kelso, where he re-enrolled as an assistant coach.

In the 1930s, Wintermuir's 6-foot-8 frame was gigantic and helped him dominate the paint as the team's defensive center. The three-time MLB All-Star is immortalized on the San Francisco Giants' glory wall as one of the best defensive centers of his era.

Median income per household in the city is $29,722, and median income per family is $36,784. 33.6% have children under 18 living with them, 43.0% are a couple living together, 35.2% are non-family, 15.9% have a housekeeper with husband and 15.8% have no male homeowners. The poverty line is $18.11.2, including median household income of $19,072 for a family of four, $17,912 for an individual, and $20,543 for the household as a whole.

There are 5,139 housing units in the city with a median household income of $29,722 for a family of four, $17,912 for an individual and $20,543 for the household as a whole. There are 4,071 single-family homes and 2,097 multifamily homes with a median income per household of about $26,000.

The racial composition of the city is the population as a whole, with median household income of $29,722 for a family of four, $17,912 for an individual, and $20,543 for the household as a whole. The racial strata of this city are: African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, whites, blacks, Latinos, Native Americans and Asians.

In this city, the age distribution of the population shows that 12.3% are 65 or older and 3.5% are 65 or older. In the 2010 census, 1.2 million people of all ages between 18 and 64 lived in the city, compared with 2.1 million in the 2000 census. The median household income of a family of four, $17,912 for the household as a whole, and $29,722 for an individual was $20,543 in 2010.

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