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Kelso is the county seat of Cowlitz County, where the Washington Territory was born, and is one of the best places to live in Washington State. Kelso conveys a small sense of community with the city and the capital Washington Olympia is the fourth best place for pensioners to live in the state. It is located on the west side of Seattle, south of Interstate 5 and north of I-5, in a rural area with fewer than 1,000 residents.

Kelso and Longview are connected by a crossing of the Cowlitz River and are bordered by the Columbia River and the Pacific, both located in the northwest corner of 48 contiguous states. Kelso runs north to south along the west side of Interstate 5 and north of I-5 and runs east to west along Interstate 90, the state's main highway.

The topography within 2 miles of Kelso contains only slight elevation differences and the geographical coordinates for Kel sobe for the purposes of this report.

The perceived humidity at Kelso does not vary significantly from year to year, so the measurement of humidity comfort, which is muggy, oppressive and miserable, remains virtually constant at 0%.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Kelso, the hottest months are August, July and then September. With humidity, temperatures feel cold for about half the year, but there is a good chance of rain in late March, late April and early May. If dry weather is forecast, it is in July and August And then September, when it rains at the end of March and there is a few days of snow in spring.

The warmest time of the year is usually mid-August, where the peak is regularly 82.7 degrees. Temperatures rarely drop below 13 degrees Celsius at night, and the maximum temperatures in summer are between 83.5 degrees Celsius and 84.3 degrees Celsius.

The day with the coolest water of the year is February 10th with an average temperature of 48.0 ° C. The warmest season lasts 3.0 months, the coolest three to one months, the coldest two to three months.

The wet season lasts 6.9 months, the wettest day is a wet day and the coldest two to three months. Most of the rainfall falls in 31 days around November 24, with an average of 1.5 inches of rain per day.

The most common form of precipitation during the year is rain alone, with the classification based on the amount of rain and snow that falls on the same day, as well as gusts of wind, gusts of wind and wind speed. Different types of rainfall are observed throughout the day, with no traces of it visible.

The quietest day of the year is August 24, and the windiest day in years is December 3, with gusts of up to 100 km / h or more.

The sky is bright and shows up in the midday to late afternoon and evening hours with a high of about 80 degrees and a low of about 60 degrees. The sky will be bright, clear and sunny with gusts of up to 100 km / h

Based on these values, the best time to visit Kelso in warm weather is mid-July to late August, based on tourist values. Due to the daily growing degrees alone, the first spring blooms in Kel have occurred at the end of April or the beginning of May, in late spring and early summer with a high of about 80 degrees and a low of about 60 degrees. The best time for the warmest weather and activities on Kel Soo is mid-July or late September, based on the tourism result.

Note that the data provided in the launch time forecast page are based on the Universal Time Code (UTC) for the time before, during and after the launch of the space loading system. We estimate what the forecast might look like at a given time by using the times before and after the desired time.

Daylight saving time (Daylight saving time) is observed from spring (14 March) to autumn (7 November) and lasts 7 to 8 months. While temperatures typically vary significantly from night to day, dew points tend to change more slowly. Although temperatures can drop at night, sweltering days are usually followed by sweltering nights.

Daytime highs range from 79 to 3C, but it will feel cool given the humidity and wind. The dew point averages 38 ° F (-3 ° C) during the day and 39 ° F (+ 4 ° C) at night, with a high temperature of 77.5 ° F. The daytime highs are on average 78 - 9 ° F (0 - 4 ° M) and A low of -1.2 degrees C. It will be cool in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 1, 2017.

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More About Kelso